Coastal voyaging in company is fun! 

Powered by sail and oar (no use of engines allowed!) raiding allows you to enjoy a bit of light competition over a set course.

Organised raids open to boats of all sizes and sailors of all abilities – similar to sail boat races, they tend to be more relaxed and you’re allowed to use oars at any time.  Some raids are more competitive than others but the primary objective is a good time for everyone and usually rounds off with dinner together and chatting about your boats and the day’s experiences.

Being lightweight and fast, Swallows are particularly well suited to raiding and we organise an event every year – the competition is of a gentle nature and any Swallow is welcome to come and join in.  Keep an eye on our News section and our Facebook/Twitter feeds for details of the next one!

Click on the link below to see our 2016 Raid in action…